The Meaning of Success

The Meaning of Success

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Success means the ability to achieve a desired goal or plan. This means that at one time or the other in your life, you have achieved success, no matter how little it may be. It goes without saying that there are different categories and different levels of success. I would like to encourage anyone reading this post that success is within your grasp, it’s just a matter of having the right perspective.

There are different levels of success, right from the low-level success to high level success, but you can’t achieve a high level of success without achieving a low-level of success. All the great success an individual or organisation may have today is an accumulation of several low levels of success already achieved at one point in time. You may call these small achievements milestones which help you evaluate your journey to your ultimate goal.

Let’s simplify this, imagine you are given a large bowl of porridge to consume, you are also given a spoon to assist you in consuming the bowl of porridge. Obviously you can’t gulp the bowl of food down your throat at once. It’s just impossible. You would waste the food and you would end up hurting yourself in the process. But if you consume the food one spoon at a time you would eventually finish up the bowl of porridge. Each spoon you take is a milestone that has been achieved which you can call your small successes, the finishing of the bowl is your high level success, your ultimate goal. That wasn’t really difficult was it?

Every milestone achieved is worth acknowledging and celebrating, it gives you a sense of accomplishment and progress. You need to set and define your high level success and you need to define the milestones needed to achieve the high level success. Make sure your milestones are achievable so that you won’t overburden yourself and make the ultimate goal ultimately unattainable.

Every step you have taken to get to where you are today have been milestones you have achieved previously in your life, whether good or bad. You need to assess your life today and find out if you are on a journey to success or on a path to failure. Are you just living life without any sense of direction. Are you one of those that think success, wealth and fame will just fall suddenly in to your laps? Are you just working hard without working smart? Are you copying others without understanding why they do what they do? Its time to wake up from your slumber and start thinking outside the box. You need to have a business plan for your life. I would advise that you document your goals and how you intend to achieve them which will start you on your path to success.

Nobody is a failure, and don’t permit anybody to tell you otherwise. It doesn’t matter how many times you have failed, with every failure you learn how not to achieve your desired goal. Every successful business man today has experienced failure at one time or the other, in fact they still have little defeats every now and then, but they still come out on top. Abraham Lincoln experienced failure and defeat several times in his life and career, but that didn’t stop him from becoming the President of the United States. God has given everybody the innate ability to be successful, you just need to tap into your inner strength and awaken the sleeping giant in you.

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