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How is your journey to success so far? I am happy you’re back to read the next post in the habits of successful people series. In the previous post we discussed the power of consistency and how you must maximize your time in order to gain success in whatever you set your mind to do. In this post we’ll be examining how living a life of purpose can assist you on your journey to success. At the end of this post you’ll appreciate what it means to live a purpose driven life.

What is purpose?

Simply put, purpose means the reason something exists. The purpose of a bottle opener is to open bottles, it can’t be used to unlock a door, keys are used to open doors. Using the bottle opener for any other thing is an abuse of the bottle opener. I’ll break this post down into the following sections.

What is your purpose?

It is very important that you know what your purpose in life is. It is a great travesty to live a life and not find a purpose for your life. Many men of success have found their purpose in the early stages of their lives, but no matter your age, it’s not too late to find a purpose for your life. If you live your life without a purpose it becomes so easy to get lost in the waves of worries that challenge everyone that find themselves in the rat race. Men of purpose have an attitude of certainty and don’t allow current failures or challenges to discourage them. It’s impossible to find a truly successful individual that doesn’t know his/her purpose. Everyone has a purpose, you just need to discover it. Have you noticed that in some people you can tell that they would be successful in the not too far future just by the way they live a life of purpose? I was once told the story of a bank president that told his room-mate in his university days that one day he would own a bank when he didn’t have the means or know how it would be achieved.

How to discover your purpose

I won’t complicate this, because it isn’t complicated. There are different ways to discover your purpose in life.

  • Having a natural ability to quickly understand and do certain things others find difficult to do (pure talent).
  • Having an unrelenting passion or desire to do a particular thing.
  • Deriving joy, satisfaction and fulfillment in doing a particular task..
  • Having a burden in your heart to do something.
  • Seeing yourself doing something in your dream and having that same dream several times. That’s a sign that God is speaking to you. In Genesis 37:5 -10 God revealed to Joseph in the bible through dreams that he would one day be a ruler. If need be, pray to God and He will reveal your purpose of existence to you in His own way.

Pursue your purpose with vigor

It is one thing to discover your purpose, it’s another thing to pursue it. Discovering your purpose is not an automatic ticket to success, it is just the beginning of the journey to success. Do everything that you need to achieve success in your purpose. Acquire knowledge, learn from others ahead of you, map out the journey to that achieve that purpose, have a strategy in place and work with that strategy. Time is of the essence, you can’t afford to live your life  anyhow and anyway. Live purposefully. Everyday that you wake up, have it at the back of your mind that you are on a journey and try to think twice before you make a decision that could easily truncate your purpose. There are many a great men that have destroyed themselves and cut short their destinies by making grave mistakes such as adultery,receiving bribes,stealing, perjury, viewing unhealthy content on the internet and even murder. What you are ashamed of doing in the public and don’t want others to know, don’t even consider doing in secret, because you never know who is watching and listening. In fact, these things always find a way of being exposed.

 Don’t share your purpose with everybody

A lot of people don’t need to know your purpose. Why? Some people can’t handle it. Some people will be intimidated by your dream. Some will try to discourage you. Some will go out of their way to secretly frustrate your dream. Some will hate you because they can’t handle the success you will achieve. In the Bible, even Joseph’s own brothers hated him because they couldn’t handle his dreams. Share your purpose with those that will help you achieve your goals. You definitely can’t achieve success on your own.

Know when to share your purpose.

There is a time for everything. Know when to reveal your purpose to others. If your purpose comes out prematurely, it could be truncated. There is a hibernation period for every dream. We have a gestation period when a woman is pregnant with a wonderful bundle of joy. Trying to extract the baby before the set time could cause death to both the mother and the child.

Do you know your purpose? If you don’t, please go and find your purpose and begin to live a purpose driven life.

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