Habits of Successful People: Dedication

Habits of Successful People: Dedication

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Hi there reader, I feel honoured that you’re taking time to read this article, you won’t regret it. The very fact that you’re reading this page is adequate proof that you have embarked on the journey to being successful. In my last post we discussed about visionaries and dreamers, in this post we’ll be talking about dedication. Let me ask you an important question, are you dedicated? Are you committed to a cause? Do you have something that you live for? Only you can rightly answer these pertinent questions. I only hope that as you read through this post which is the third in the habits of successful people series, you will have a deeper meaning of what it means to be dedicated.

What is dedication?

Dedication is the act of committing or setting apart something, or someone to or for a particular cause, goal, task or establishment. Obviously, the act of dedication is a deliberate and purposeful act. This definition isn’t complicated and its easy to understand. I can identify three components to dedication. The components are:

  1. Identifying the subject to be committed.

    In the context of this post, you are the subject who wants to achieve success in a particular goal or task. If there is no subject, the journey to success cannot be started.

  2. Making a commitment.

    This requires that you the subject is physically and mentally prepared  to commit your time, energy, and the resources available to you to help you achieve the desired goal. The key word here is readiness. If you’re not ready, if you’re not willing, if you’re not sure, if you’re not motivated, if you’re not determined, if you’re not ambitious then don’t attempt to start, lest you’ll be destined for failure. Success and wealth just doesn’t fall into your laps, you have to go after it and get it. You must set your commitment in stone and propose in your heart that you won’t be shoved off the path of success no matter what comes your way. Your resolve must be steady.

  3. Identifying the object of commitment.

    You must identify the object of your desire. Find a reason for your existence. Find a reason to live. You must know what you want. You must be able to put your finger on that thing you desire most. You must be able to say off the top of your head what your goals and desires are. If you have no specified destination, then you can’t embark on your journey. If you do embark on that journey, then you would move around aimlessly wasting all the resources available to you. You need to have a steady gaze on your desired destination.


Remind yourself daily of the reason of your existence.

Put images on the wall of your room that relates to your vision, so you won’t forget it.

Research other men who have had success in goals similar to yours. You can get encouragement from such men.

Don’t forget, dedication is you committing yourself to achieve a set goal.

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