Habits of Successful People: Consistency

Habits of Successful People: Consistency

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Hi, I truly hope you enjoyed my last post on Dedication and how it helps you on your journey to being a successful person. In this post we’ll be continuing our discussion on habits of successful people and we’ll be talking about the power of consistency and how it will help you as a person, family or organisation on your journey to being a success in whatever you do.

What is consistency?

Consistency is the ability to develop and use a model or pattern to achieve reliability,durability and firmness in a certain task over a given period of time. This is in no way an attempt to stifle creativity, but rather to stimulate and ensure productivity. I have said in my previous posts and I will continue to say it, success is a deliberate act, it doesn’t happen by chance. If you have made a decision to be a success in a particular field or endeavor, then get ready to make some acceptable and reasonable sacrifices that may seem inconvenient at first, but once you get into the rhythm it makes the achievement of your goals worthwhile.

There is a resource that is made available to all men in the same measure, 24 hours in a day, 7 days a week and 365 days in a year, it’s the same for everybody. That resource is time. If you can’t look at time as a resource, you are not ready for success. The income you earn on your day job is based upon the time you make available to your employer. One of the things employers pay for is your time, aside from your abilities and what’s inside your brain. Some jobs pay by the hour, some by the day, therefore time is important to all men.

Men of success don’t work towards their goals when they feel like it, they work according to the time they have designated to tasks they have set for themselves. Working according time may be difficult at first, but once you get into the flow, you won’t want to stop. It’s like a clock, it won’t stop working unless you stop it or remove the batteries. On a more practical level, say you’re a person of creativity, such as a novelist. You have started a 15 chapter book, depending on the time available to you, you give yourself to writing a chapter once a week. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take down short notes in between when ideas come to you. Within four months your book should be ready, provided there is no writers’ block. There are a lot of things that could distract you or take your time, but you must make a conscious choice and drive yourself.

So how do you achieve consistency? Develop a routine by doing the following:

Set a goal

Set a goal or task you want to achieve periodically. Make sure its something you can achieve without over extending yourself.

Appropriate time

Designate time you want to use towards achieving the task. Is it once a week, every week day, it’s up to you, but make sure you stick to it. If need be, set up a planner or time-table that helps you to manage your time. Once you get into the routine you wouldn’t need anything to remind you anymore.

Make sure there is a balance

Don’t rob Peter to pay Paul. Don’t get into the habit of using the time meant for other important things to achieve your task. Don’t use family time to achieve your desires. Don’t use your employer’s time for your personal time. It’s all about arriving at an acceptable balance. Also you should have time for leisure, give time for relaxation, but don’t be excessive about it.

Adjust your routine

If the pattern you have developed is not working perfectly, you can adjust it, you can fine tune it until it works perfectly for your own particular situation. You can experiment with different models until you find one that works like clock work for you. Different companies have different business models that help them achieve success based upon their size, goals and resources available to them. It’s not a one size fits all, choose what best fits you. Know when to increase your tempo, know when to slow down so that you won’t burn out.

The key word in this article is time, make good use of your time and you won’t regret it.

I truly hope this post has made an impact on you, your family and business. Please let me know, make a comment in the box below and share this with others if it has benefited you.


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