Categories of Success

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In my last post we discussed the meaning of success and realized that there are low levels of attainable success that eventually accumulate into a higher level of success over a period of time. Now I’m going to list out some categories of success. I will just cover the most important categories of success at the moment.

It is important to set your successes into categories. Why?

  1. It helps you to objectively take stock of your life.
  2. You shouldn’t allow one category to overlap the other, though the lines may be blurred at times.
  3. You shouldn’t feed one category of success while the other suffers.
  4. It helps you to live a balanced life.
  5. It helps you establish what is most important in your life.
  6. It helps you gain all round success.
The following are the Categories of Success which I list in order of importance from my own perspective.
  1. Spiritual Success
  2. Marital Success
  3. Family Success
  4. Success in Relationships
  5. Professional Success
  6. Financial Success

The above list is not to impose my views on anyone, but is just my sincere opinion of what all round success in life should be. Examine yourself critically and work upon areas in your life where you think you are lacking or falling short of success. Through this article I hope you are able to have a deeper understanding of what is success.

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